My IT Experience Within Dubai's IT Industry | Alexander Jenkins

What Is My Experience?

Alexander Jenkins IT manager with nearly 15 years of experience in the IT sector, roughly half of which has been in the UAE. Worked with companies across a wide breadth of industry sectors across the UK, UAE, MENA, and South Africa. Passionate about solving desktop and server technology issues within service-critical environments, rapidly, effectively, and professionally, to deliver optimum levels of service to end users. Expertise extends from an in-depth understanding of frontline hardware and software issues to leading both first, second, and third-line teams in the UAE and UK to improve performance, group cohesion, and customer satisfaction.

Desktop Support 95%
Search Engines Optimization 99%
IT Managing 97%
Windows 10 & Office 365 90%
Skills training and development expertise 90%

Relevant Skills & Experience.

Employment History